Aussie Acres TX is the premier Texas provider of quality steaks, chicken, lamb, poultry and eggs. All grass fed. No GMO. No antibiotics.

Our Story

Aussie Acres TX is a dream come true for my retirement years.  My only regret is that I wasn’t able to start it sooner.  However, the security of retirement affords me the opportunity to farm the only way I want to farm, naturally and with the animals’ interest at heart.  Yes, I am an Australian living on acres in Texas.  Born on a chicken farm in Australia before chicken farming was industrialized.  We moved to town rather than put our free-ranging chickens in stacked coops.  However, before leaving the farm I fell off the pig sty breaking my arm and had to wait for the eggs to be packed before going to the hospital.  Seemed natural to me, upset friends who didn’t understand how my mother would have me wait.  Now, farming and packing eggs every day completely explains the situation.

Returning to my childhood memories, I raise hens on grass for the highest quality eggs, even though we travel over 5 hours to purchase food that is non-soy, non-GMO.  It is so wonderful to watch the hens chasing bugs when they move to a new spot.  They completely disappear into the coop when a hawk flies overhead, their coops are open on all sides 24/7 for that reason.  They are moved once or twice a week depending on the weather, always surrounded by a net electric fence that keeps predators out.  They can fly over it and do when we are moving them, as the new fence is always up, but they are very aware that the coop is their safe spot.  We did have a mean owl that was picked off a couple of new hens, handled that with Raven, a wonderful dog, who lives with the hens and totally protects them.

As a child I spent considerable time with my grandparents.  My grandfather spent many years droving sheep, as we call it in Australia.  He moved sheep from place to place in search of good grass when we were enduring a drought.  These sheep were primarily Merinos, but on Aussie Acres TX we have hair sheep, Royal Whites, as not to have the problem of the annual shearing.  Just love these sheep, they are so much fun just eating, playing, and resting on the grass.  My grandmother had a wonderful Jersey cow, called Susie, which she milked.  Australia now markets A2 milk which helps many people who cannot drink regular milk.  So I purchased two Guernsey cows, who are A2A2. We have milked them, but need to build a dairy before we can sell milk.  Just love Annabelle and Faith.  Annabelle lost her first calf and we purchased two dairy steers for her to nurse.  Obviously, we should have consulted her, she knew they were not hers and wanted no part of them.  Faith graciously nursed them, till she had to be separated to prepare for the arrival of her precious heifer calf, Felicity.  

Raising broiler chickens was a definite learning experience.  The Cornish cross hens do not do well on non-soy, non-GMO feed finding their weight difficult to carry before they were ready for processing.  They did not look good, so raising them was not a pleasant experience.  We have switched to Freedom Rangers, who do take longer to reach maturity, but absolutely look so much better and behave like normal, happy chickens.

Yes, we do have to butcher some animals.  No it doesn’t get easier with time.  I do my best to give them the very best life for the time that we have them.  When I may be stressing about the markets, time, or finances, I look out and those animals are not stressed.  They have fresh grass and the best food we can supply.  It eases my conscience.

We hope you enjoy our fresh and all natural foods.

Annette Flanagan